Bayside Sports Podiatry


At Bayside Sports Podiatry, our aim is to minimise pain and maximise performance! We treat everyone from elite to recreational athletes in a variety of sports, including children and the elderly.  With expertise in lower limb and foot injury diagnosis and management, prescription of custom-made and pre-fabricated orthoses, and footwear recommendations and modifications, we can ease pain and discomfort from foot and leg related injuries and conditions.


Podiatry Treatment

Bayside Sports Podiatry specialises in the assessment, diagnosis and management of foot conditions, and injuries related to the function of the lower limb and foot. Gait analysis, which includes assessment of running and walking biomechanics, often with video analysis, is an important part of a podiatry consultation. We also specialise in prescription of custom-made and prefabricated orthoses

Elite Sports Podiatry

Nicki Quigley has been the Podiatrist for the Hawthorn Football Club since 2005.  With her diverse knowledge of all sports, Nicki has treated Olympic track and field Athletes, international soccer players, AFL footballers from numerous clubs, national tennis players, national netballers, Victorian cricket players and NRL players. Nicki has worked as a podiatrist at Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre since 2003.

Local Athletes

Specialising in Elite athletes, Recreational runners and Kids in Sport. Nicki Quigley has a specialist interest in lower limb biomechanics, and management of injuries in elite athletes, recreational athletes, junior athletes, and children. She has a diverse knowledge of all sports, particularly Australian Rules Football, softball, cricket, soccer, touch football, netball, running and walking.

Nicki Quigley - Bayside Sports Podiatry - Sandringham Vic