Keeping Local Athletes Active

At Bayside Sports Podiatry, we treat everyone from elite to recreational athletes in a variety of sports, including children and the elderly.  With expertise in lower limb and foot injury diagnosis and management, prescription of custom-made and pre-fabricated orthoses, and footwear recommendations and modifications, we can ease pain and discomfort from foot and leg related injuries and conditions.



Our experienced Podiatrists have treated elite athletes from a range of different sports, in their years of practice in the Sports Medicine field, and involvement with elite sporting clubs.  Elite athletes tend to have more pressure to return to their desired activity quickly, which often requires treatment from a range of health practitioners to achieve this.  Our Podiatrists liaise closely with an elite athlete's Doctor, Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Massage therapist and Strength and Conditioning coach, to devise a treatment plan which enables the athlete to return to their sport as soon as possible.



Our Podiatrists are very experienced in treating active children, and they all find treating young athletes to be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of being a Podiatrist! A growing, active child is at risk of overload injuries due to muscle weakness and tightness, and joint mobility.  Children often just need advice regarding footwear (everyday and sports specific), and stretching and strengthening exercises to settle conditions and improve their biomechanics, but occasionally they also need a flexible orthotic to support their feet.  Our Podiatrists can improve children's running technique through strengthening exercises and gait retraining if needed.



Recreational athletes are the most commonly presenting patient to this clinic.  They are often prone to overuse injuries, particularly if they are increasing their activity levels or starting a new sport. The Podiatrists at Bayside Sports Podiatry understand that it is just as important for a recreational athlete to be able to participate in their chosen activity, for their health, well-being and enjoyment.  At Bayside Sports Podiatry, we aim to have every patient return to their chosen activity as quickly as possible, and also put changes in place to prevent the risk of further injuries.  Our Podiatrists liaise with other health practitioners that may be involved in the recreational athlete's care, to achieve the best outcome.


At Bayside Sports Podiatry our aim is keeping local athletes active. Caring for skin and nails with routine podiatry care can play an important role in your overall health and wellbeing.